Tom McNamara | Chief Executive Officer | Nuro Retention

Tom McNamara

Chairman & Founder

The son of a fisherman, Tom grew up on a Gaelic-speaking island off the west coast of Ireland. He describes his childhood as a cross between Little House on the Prairie and the Deadliest Catch. He is a very proud Irishman, so don’t ask him about it if you have to be somewhere in the next hour. He and his siblings were the first generation of his family to attend university. The opportunities he was afforded by education led him to a successful career in finance before giving it up to become a college administrator over fifteen years ago. He jumped at the chance to join the Nuro Retention team, knowing firsthand the life-changing benefits of completing university and the difficulties faced by first generation students. He is tremendously motivated to lead Nuro Retention to make a clear difference in college completion. He lives in Chicago with his wife and family, is heavily involved in the local community, and loves to coach his kids’ soccer.