Natalie Young | Chief Data Scientist | Nuro Retention

Natalie Young

Chief Data Scientist

After her first statistics course in high school, Natalie knew she had found her passion. Her family still doesn’t fully understand what she does, but her career choice has now been validated with all the hoopla surrounding Big Data. Natalie’s initial focus was direct marketing, which led to a consulting role at Acxiom where she had the opportunity to partner with clients in a number of industries. After working on a project for a client in Post Secondary Education, she realized there was a real opportunity to bring the power of data and analytics to the education space. More than ten years ago she began using predictive analytics to improve student success, and the opportunity exists today just as it did then. For as much as she loves data, she also enjoys traveling abroad, spending the winter months skiing, and striving to be the world’s greatest aunt to her niece and nephew.