Dr. Joseph D. Pepe

Academic Advisory Board Member

Dr. Joseph Pepe has worked in higher education for over 25 years in varying executive roles. Most recently he served as Executive Vice President of Administration for a private not-for profit university. He has worked at state institutions as well as private and understands the challenges each face. Dr. Pepe currently is a Health Officer for the Florida Department of Health as well as a Professor teaching administrative strategy, diversity, and leadership courses. Additionally, he teaches leadership development courses to help cultivate the current workforce for the State of Florida. In the past, Dr. Pepe has led a myriad of key departments that impact institutional and student performance. In addition, he has led the acquisition, design, build and led nine campuses in multiple states and countries. One of his proudest accomplishments was establishing the first American Legion post on a college campus for veterans returning and reintegrating into college life. Dr. Pepe is currently researching social determinants that impact student performance and utilizing data in a proactive manner towards student success.