Dr. John Wolfe

Academic Advisory Board Member

John T. Wolfe, Jr., Ph.D. is Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Academic Leadership Development for the University System of Maryland. Over the course of his extensive career in the U.S. and abroad he has served as a middle and high school English teacher, tenured full professor, academic administrator, employee relations manager, a trained mediator, Executive Director of the National PUSH/Rainbow Coalition, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs in the University System of Georgia, President of Kentucky State University and Savannah State University.

Dr. Wolfe has held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Council on Education. He has been honored as an “Old Master” by Purdue University. The knowledge, experience, and transferable skills gained over a range of organizational levels, within and across units and divisions in higher education institutions, as well as in public and private sector organizations and corporations has enabled him to lecture, consult, and write about policy, program development and evaluation, student achievement, academic leadership development, career and workforce development. He has owned and operated a human resources and educational consulting services and solutions firm for more than 45 years.