Dr. Barbara Keener

Academic Advisory Board Member

Barb’s Baby Boomer (she prefers “Baby Bloomer”) generational status(specifically, numerous years in higher education) helps to explain and endorse her varied higher education experiences and assignments. In her words, “The more years and the more roles one completes, the more opportunities for professional epiphanies and adaptations. Her leadership and faculty roles have included the following fields: enrollment management, resource development (grants and fund raising), academic affairs, student services, career planning and placement, articulation and transfer, academic partnerships, educational services, and curriculum design. Her professorial faculty assignments span online, hybrid, blended, and on ground courses – teaching undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as directing dissertations and research projects. In addition, Barb is active with alumni and trustee boards, professional councils, and affiliated associations. She has served with private colleges, public community colleges, state colleges and universities, nonprofit educational organizations, and related consultant organizations. She confesses she is a “campus secret shopper,” with a penchant for posing as a prospective (or current)student for a “reality” campus view via websites, phone contacts, and face to face exchanges. Her approach is summed up, “there is nothing like a vicarious adventure to enhance one’s strategic thinking.” She is quick to endorse the various synergistic success stories emerging across today’s higher education environment and beyond. She lives by the T.E.A.M. acronym and cliché(her own definition) – Together Everyone Achieves More!