Dr. Ann McCalley

Academic Advisory Board Member

As a native of Iowa, teaching has taken Dr. McCalley to Texas, Kansas, and Minnesota. She has taught in both k-12 public schools and university settings as well as has held various administrative roles within higher education. Ann holds a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and a (Ruffalo) Noel-Levitz Enrollment Management certificate. Additionally, her experience in academic advising and enrollment has given her understanding of the ins-and-outs of the full student life cycle. Ann is an avid reader and innately a curious person, so she often finds herself contributing to various student support initiatives, chairs committees, or can be found conducting research on the student experience. Outside of work, she enjoys being a professional chorister, volunteer and advocate for persons with disabilities, and various exercise activities. As an advisory board member, Nuro Retention and Ann compliment another through the opportunity to continue to cultivate her curious nature and make contributions to the organization in research and advising practices.