Student Success Solutions


We’ve believed in the potential of data from our inception, so we developed a powerful middleware tool set that identifies trends and patterns in consumed data which is then normalized and tagged in time to create traceable checkpoints of behavioral data. Using neural algorithms, augmented with graph database technologies, Nuro Retention is able to consume, combine and normalize multiple, disparate data sets.

Understand the Data

Our student retention software is the means through which professionals in the higher education environment can come to understand what the collected information means and how they can use it to retain and graduate more students. The translated data provides meaningful insights that can help make a significant impact on graduation rates for colleges and universities.

Student Retention Software Makes a Difference

Nuro Retention’s Student Success Solutions combine data sources, translate that data and connect the dots that provide insights leading to action and intervention through high-touch case management.

Make the Connection

Software for student success helps make connections. It connects data to discover and recommend actionable solutions, but it also helps connect students to resources that will improve their chances of success. This is where accuracy and urgency are critical, helping schools take proactive action before student challenges take over.

See the impact of bringing an integrated student retention management platform to your school.