The Power of Non-Cognitive Survey Data

Discover the “why” behind the risk—even for students with no apparent signs.

Have you ever had a straight-A student drop for “no apparent reason”? Student risk can be determined in lots of ways—predictive analytics, attendance, grades, participation —but Nuro Discovery helps you dig deeper for maximum impact.

Non-cognitive factors like the amount of hours a student works while in school, whether they are receptive to student services, do they think they will be successful in college, are they stressed about grades, are they open to tutoring, etc. can also provide additional factors that contribute to student dropout proneness.

Nuro Discovery are non-cognitive surveys designed to help institutions define “the what” behind the risk by providing the institution with the voice of the student. Nuro Discovery also allows for the creation and customization of surveys to be administered through the Nuro Retention system.  Based on the results of the surveys, students can be grouped into related cohorts and prescriptive measures can then be taken through communication and outreach to overcome any non-cognitive obstacles.  Nuro Retention can also import survey data and provide risk assessment on non-cognitive factors.

When institutions take advantage of Nuro Insights custom predictive modeling, plus Nuro Discovery’s non-cognitive surveys, and use it within the Nuro Retention platform—institutions will know who is at risk before they start, who is at risk on day 1, and who is at risk at the end of the first term.  That’s the most comprehensive risk assessment available on the market today. Nuro enables institutions to engage the right students at the right time, which is the key to managing student risk.


Our partner Ruffalo Noel Levitz has a suite of student assessment surveys that can be administrated through the Nuro system.

College Student Inventory
for entering students

Mid-Year Student Assessment
for students after the first term

Second-Year Student Assessment
for returning sophomores

Student Retention Predictor
for advanced retention analytics




This platform not only connects data, it connects student to student, instructor to student, and institution to student. It brings all pertinent information together to provide a complete student profile for proactive intervention.


Nuro middleware technology consumes and combines every available data point of view into student success indicators at the individual student, campus, professional, department and institutional levels.


Our high-touch case management software enables student success professionals to deliver proactive, targeted intervention efforts based on individual student data.

See the impact of bringing an integrated student retention management platform to your school.