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Nuro provides the most comprehensive, predictive, proactive, and prescriptive student success solution engineered to promote institutional effectiveness across key performance indicators to include retention, persistence, course completion, and graduation rates.

Predictive analytics help you understand how to engage each student, what the risks are and how you can have the power to improve student retention.

Nuro Retention helps you understand the “why” behind the risk, digging deeper into non-cognitive factors so you can discover the most effective tools for student success.

This is where data driven insights and discovery turn into effective action. We help you understand what tools will drive the most positive student graduation and retention results.

nuro engage

Our customized client engagement strategy is comprised of operations expertise, prescriptive monitoring, and process management to ensure broad adoption and measurable results.

  • Nuro Learning combines the multiple student, faculty, and service data streams that are needed to support student progression. The wealth of data is needed to create more effective predictive models that support early intervention and customized solutions for all learners. The combination of capabilities provided by Nuro creates better communication and more efficient and effective educational outcomes.
    Dr. David Leasure
    Past Provost of Western Governors University and current Nuro AAB member
  • For years, as full-time advisor, faculty member, and now Dean, I have been searching for a solution that collects and integrates students’ cognitive and affective data. Nuro Retention has created that solution and taken it a step further. The easy to use system seamlessly communicates data into the hands of advisors, faculty, and other student success personnel who can best intervene to provide personalized support before it’s too late.
    Joshua Smith, Ph.D.
    Dean, Loyola School of Education
  • I wish I had the Nuro solution available at one of my prior campuses because I know the results, and ROI, would have been strong. Building relevant cohorts and addressing more individualized support for each student leads to stronger engagement and more positive outcomes. Integrating multiple campus data sources, predictive analytics, thoughtful advising practices and careful communication tools has resulted in a wonderfully integrated retention system. 
    Dr. Steve Altman
    Former President, University of Central Florida
  • I believe Nuro Retention's comprehensive software solution, best practices, and tailored approach to implementation are designed to address the unique needs of each institution and their student populations as related to student success.
    Dr. Phyllis Collins
    Director of Integrated Studies Program, Delaware State University