Student Success Solutions

Revolutionizing Retention

At Nuro Retention, our mission is to help institutions ensure success for every student by effectively targeting risk, providing intervention, and utilizing institutional resources for the streamlined delivery of counseling, coaching and educational planning. We work with partner schools to implement strategies to make these changes realistic and sustainable, so that more of your students can capitalize on the promise of higher education. We take a different approach to working with our institutional partners. Our software and services support the workflows of multiple departments and levels.


Student Success & Advising

Institutional Research

We’re not just software developers – we’re a whole team of dedicated higher education professionals who’ve worked in colleges and universities of all types and understand the complexities of the higher education environment. Coupled with our best in class platform, our campus services help ensure more time and resources can be spent on teaching, learning, programming and everything else that makes you unique.

Working with partner schools to ensure success for every student

Process Flow Assessment • Student Success Frameworks • Strategic Retention Planning

During the operational assessment, we’ll work with members of your team to develop a deep understanding of current practices, strengths, weaknesses and future goals.

We follow with a thorough evaluation & deep analysis of all the addressable fields:

  • Current retention practices and strategies
  • Functional area interaction with on-ground and online students populations
  • Reports employed to drive strategic goals and monitor new student communication throughout the enrollment process and first year experience
  • Drip collateral sent to prospective and current students
  • Process flows for enrollment management, student services, and advising
  • Roles and responsibilities of full-time and part-time employees related to academic advising and student services
  • Processes and systems supporting admissions/enrollment management. Provide strengths and/or weaknesses, as well as key recommendations.
  • Advising process from enrollment through graduation

Dedicated to Increasing institutional capacity

Adding resources to execute strategies for student success and retention

Nuro Retention advisors are dedicated to your institution and immerse themselves in understanding your unique history, programs and campus culture. We strive to become a true extension of your student services and advising teams and aim to build supportive relationships with students to transition them from enrollment to registration, and all the way through first year experience through completion.

Depending on accreditation requirements and institution preferences,
we can build in student support around :

  • Registration
  • Student orientation
  • Assessment and delivery of tutoring needs
  • Providing academic improvement plans
  • Ensuring SAP requirements
  • LMS support
  • Assignment monitoring
  • Course navigation and recommendation

Advisors are most effective when utilizing the Nuro Retention SaaS Software for advising services, case management, and student success. Advisors identify gaps or challenges for students, create flags, involve the right campus resources, and recommend alternative actions all within a centralized system of record.