Nuro Competency Based Solution

The Keys to Competency Based Education Student Success: Pace and Performance

Tracking academic engagement status is one of the most critical factors in determining whether a self-paced student taking competency-based courses is truly on or off track. That’s the benefit of Nuro! Nuro makes data actionable— so not only will you know when a student is off pace, but you will be able to create an action plan, conduct outreach, and intervene the student before it’s too late.

Many systems track assignment submissions, assessment grades and time spent in the LMS—only Nuro is able to track pace based on “Pace Markers” set in each course and also adjust Pace based on a student’s FT/PT enrollment status.


Custom Predictive Modeling
Who is at risk before they start?


Proactive Case Management System
Who is at risk today?


Non-Cognitive Surveys & Risk Score
Who may be at risk?

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